Giants in the Oak Tree

Music Band

	Giants in the Oak Tree is an indie/ folkedelic rock group based out of Ogden, Utah formed in June of 2014. The band started out as two brothers, Kacie Arena, and Josh Arena as a two piece folk project in 2013. Releasing one five track EP entitled "Carry On". The two brothers worked with the Ogden Recording Company to create the beginning of a soon to be full on commitment to the creation of soul-filled-psyc-folk tunes.
	In 2014, not known as Giants in the Oak Tree quite yet, the Arena brothers' musical creations became too much to be played as only a two piece group leading them to quickly reach out to two close friends from junior high to fulfill the melodies.
	Now with Kacie Arena on lead guitar/lead vocals, Gabriel Lytle on rythm guitar/backup vocals, Eli Wolfgram on bass guitar, and Josh Arena on drums/percussion and a good two months of practice the band started venturing back into the local music scene. Playing many shows around Ogden, Salt Lake City, southern Utah and their go-to venue "Mojos", they soon started to build a fan base and become known around town. In 2015 the band put in their first studio time to record their self-titled song "Giants in the Oak Tree" which was followed by playing their first Ogden Fall Equinox Festival, a three day camp out festival with over 30 local bands. They killed the stage and filled the hearts of the listeners enough to be invited back in spring of 2016.
	They currently spend their time working day jobs and rocking the stage at least four times per month playing at different venues all around Utah. They are currently working on their first full legth studio album entitled "The Wake of Dawn", which will be released sometime in summer of 2017 You can keep up with shows near you on their Facebook page, and listen to some of their latest recordings on SoundCloud.