Urban Developer

Paige is an urban planner, developer, and community advocate. Her mission is to combat displacement, empower connection, and inspire people through placemaking. By the age of 23, she co-founded a pioneering planning and development firm. At the helm of a startup company, she conceived and executed affordable, mixed use, and transit oriented projects totaling over $80 million. Her efforts have produced 500+ housing units designed to stabilize neighborhoods and transform lives.

Paige graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS in City and Metropolitan Planning from the University of Utah. This year she will complete a Masters of Real Estate Development at MIT. As a Fellow of the Samuel Tak Lee Real Estate Entrepreneurship Lab, she researches the leaders, products, processes, and technology disrupting the built environment. Her goal is to join these changemakers in building balanced communities ready for the 21st century and creating tectonic shifts in the commercial real estate industry.

Paige has a tool belt and a hard hat, and knows how to use them. When she’s not in the office or at a construction site, you can find her on a bicycle, exploring her new neighborhood, or making friends with strangers.